Visitor's Center


Coastline Baptist Church is an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church filled with friendly people and Holy Spirit-filled preaching. Whether you have attended church your entire life or this is your first visit, Coastline Baptist Church of Jacksonville, NC is a home for you.

Nursery and Child Care

We provide a first-class nursery and childcare for your newborn, baby, and young children where they will be kept safe and well supervised. Background checks are run on all of our nursery workers to ensure our children's safety. Our Children's; Church is more than just a daycare while you are in service, it is an active and engaging service that includes games, songs, Bible memory, preaching, and a children's choir.

Where do I Park?

Once you enter the church parking lot, our staff will help you find a parking spot. If you are just visiting, we have designated Visitor's parking on the left as soon as you enter the parking lot, close to the front doors for convenient and quick access to our church!

What do I Wear?

We do not have a dress code for our members or guests. Although many of our leadership and members dress in a “traditional style,” we want you to feel welcome and comfortable while you visit. We enjoy church and treat it like the very thing it is – a special place to worship the Lord together.

What do I Expect?

A visit to church for the first time can be intimidating. If you visit us on Sunday morning, you will have the opportunity to attend one of our small group Bible studies and our morning worship service. We will have hospitality greeters at the doors to greet you when you arrive and guide you to where you and your family should go. They can answer any questions that you may have at that time. We have exciting, large and small group Bible study classes (also known as “Sunday School classes”) for every age group. You can find out where your age group meets for Sunday School when the ushers greet you at the door.

Our morning worship service is an uplifting time of singing and a challenge from the Word of God. You will hear traditional hymns from a hymnal (songbook) and then Pastor Robbins will preach a clear, challenging Bible message. Every Sunday evening we start off with a powerful choir number and get to hear about missionaries in our exciting “Mission'ss Minutes”. You will not want to miss our Wednesday night Prayer meeting/Bible study either. The Bible is explained and the listener is challenged to study for themselves what the Scriptures say.

No Matter Your Stage in Life, We have a Place for You!

Coastline Baptist Church has a Sunday School class for every age group. It is our desire that you will find friends and a family that match your life stage. You will find in our main service that Pastor Chris Robbins preaches with a desire to help each person in attendance, no matter who they are, or where they may be in life. During our main service times, Coastline Baptist Church provides programs for your children that will challenge their own walk with God, in a way that they can understand. You will find that at Coastline Baptist Church we take great satisfaction in being called “a church with a heart”!

1233 Halltown Rd,
Jacksonville, NC 28539

(910) 346-6500