Preaching and Teaching

It is all about God's Word. We interpret Scripture in a literal manner and deliver Biblical truths in a way that is applicable to everyday life circumstances. This is done enthusiastically, with life and passion in each of our preaching services and Sunday school classes. Preaching is the centerpiece of our church and you will hear people saying, “Amen” as the Spirit of God confirms truth and conviction. An invitation or altar call follows every service for a decision and time of prayer.

Weekly Outreach

The Great Commission commands us to go into the highways and hedges, person-to-person, door-to-door with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We take seriously the work of personal soul winning as a church and as individuals. If you are a new soul winner, we will be careful to partner you with an experienced soul winner. Saturday morning soul winning is an opportunity for every family of our church to get involved. Come join us on Saturdays at 10am!

Missions and Faith Promise Giving

“A Church with a Heart for Harvest.” It is our desire to encourage each member of Coastline Baptist Church to be involved in regular giving to missionaries who are called by God to get the Gospel to places we cannot go. Our church has an annual Missions Conference where we, by faith, step into greater missions giving and take on the support of more missionaries. This is one of the most exciting things we do— help reach the world for Christ! We are currently supporting 27 missionaries around the world.

Music Ministry

Coastline Baptist Church is blessed to be able to have a wonderful choir, orchestra, and special music ministry. The goal of our music at Coastline Baptist Church is to provide godly and edifying music that is both an example of what pleases our Lord as well as a blessing to the listener. You will hear a mix of traditional hymns, older and modern arrangements of classic gospel songs, as well as some newer, God-honoring songs in our choir and special music presentations, all accompanied by talented pianists.

Military Ministry

Coastline Baptist Church has a heart to reach our local military. We provide rides to and from base and home-cooked meals every Sunday. We also have different activities throughout the year to engage and get connected with our military personnel. Our desire is to serve those who serve us and our great Nation. For more information or if you need a ride to service please contact James Shupperd at (209)493-8048.

Bus Ministry

Coastline Baptist Church has always had a growing Bus Ministry. The Bus Ministry is an arm of outreach to those who need a ride to church. Most often our buses are filled with kids, however adults do ride with us as well! We strive in our bus ministry to make the bus ride to church fun and educational. We provide an opportunity for kids to earn prizes by memorizing Scripture, as well as learning the books of the Bible and character lessons. Each week we provide free transportation to and from Sunday School and the Sunday morning service. For more information, please call Virgil Flint IV at (910)-507-0156.


Our nursery is a place you can trust. We are diligent to make sure our facility is clean and staffed with approved workers (background checked and trained) who love children and your family. We pride ourselves in doing more than just watching your precious kiddos, we strive to make our nursery a fun place to play and learn!

Youth Ministry

Our teenagers, (grades 7-12) are a precious part of our ministries at Coastline Baptist Church. Teens are at such an important stage in their life, and we take it as our personal duty to help guide them as much as they will let us. Being a teenager in today's world is a challenge new to them, and new to many of us as well. That is why we have designated activities, conferences, camps, and teaching, specifically for our growing and decision-making teenagers! There is hardly a more influential and important time in a person's life than when they are making decisions from the ages of 13-21. Your teenagers will be ministered to specifically by our Pastor and our Youth Pastor.


As parents, our Children are very important to us. That is why we treat your kids like they were our kids. We are a family at Coastline, and we desire for your kids to feel a part of this family. We provide as many opportunities as we can for your kids to have a great time while learning about their faith in a way they can understand.

Our Children's Church is a service made and organized just for your kids! A regular service will consist of songs, games, Scripture memory, Children's Choir practice and a Bible filled sermon. Your kids will be taught to listen to preaching that they can understand, while learning some fundamental basics of how to sit still and pay attention during a service. Our Children's Church leadership is a dynamic married couple who truly love to minister to children!

Patch the Pirate Club is a dynamic children's choir program, based on the Word of God and godly character-building music. The program has been used successfully in churches, schools, and home schools since 1984. Patch Club provides opportunities for elementary-aged children, grades 1 - 6, to grow spiritually while developing musically. The nine-month curriculum is designed to run parallel to the children s school year. The Patch Club curriculum is detailed, yet easy to implement, and includes Bible Impact lessons, sailor devotions, Scripture memory, Bible activities, music lessons, godly character stories, missionary stories, and songs that teach godly-character truths. The Patch sailors are encouraged to sing in an adult church service—thus training them to serve in their local church. The PeeWee Club has been developed for children ages 4-5 with simplified songs, verses, stories, and activities. These classes both meet during the Wednesday night service during the school year.

Vacation Bible School is a super fun time for everyone involved! We run this once a year in the Summer and provide a light lunch and refreshments amidst a day full of singing, skits, crafts, devotions, sermons, games, and prizes!! For more information about this year's VBS please contact the Church Office.

Sunday School

Sunday School is an important part of your and your child's growth here at Coastline Baptist Church. Those new to church will be taught Bible stories and life lessons that will help them as they grow in their faith, while those more experienced with church will be challenged to know their Bible more as we dive into Scripture in order to understand what it is that God is showing us in His Word. Regardless of the age group, our Sunday School teachers will help your family to build a solid foundation upon the Word of God.

You are never too young to begin the good habit of being in church. Children in this Sunday School Class are introduced to Bible songs, Bible stories, and loving teachers.

We want to help children discover how much God loves them at a very early age. Our 1st–6th grade children are split into boys' and girls' classes. Your child will have the wonderful opportunity to learn about God and His love while preparing him for the future through biblical principles.

We're committed to helping our youth (7th grade to 12th grade) mature their relationship with God, grow their faith in God, discover their skills and talents, and find God's will and purpose for their lives through sound, biblical teaching.

24 hours can seemingly be not enough time for you to keep up with your busy work schedule, take care of all your errands, successfully raise a family, and/or nurture your marriage, let alone spend time with God. Our goal is to help you have a healthy marriage, and/or build a great relationship with your children while keeping God #1 on your priority list. We'd love for you to join us Sunday mornings for a time of fellowship to meet fellow couples and to listen to sound, biblical teaching to help you have a successful Christian life.

As a single adult, you face many unique challenges in your life that rest on your ability to make the right choices. Some of you are establishing where you will be going to school and what career to pursue, while others of you are simply trying to establish where you belong and what you believe about God, church, and faith. We want to offer biblical guidance and spiritual support to help you navigate these challenges successfully. The teaching is practical and helpful, and you will be welcomed as a friend.

Pastor Chris Robbins teaches this Sunday School class for those who have some experience in life already. Pastor's class will excite you for your walk with God, and challenge you to grow closer to Him.

1233 Halltown Rd,
Jacksonville, NC 28539

(910) 346-6500